Suez Canal Authority






In recognition of the growing needs for the Port by coupling with the Suez Canal to create a mega international seaport driving regional economic growth BP&L conducted a master plan review linked to a country wide structure plan.

The initial stage of the review addressed current throughputs against current trade projections and addressing likely shortfalls. The review then considered the effect of a new industrial and logistics zone to be developed adjacent to the port and considered the other port opportunities this would deliver.

The review led to the expansion of the existing container terminal and the development of a new mega ship compliant basin that has the ability to accommodate a number of container terminals, a liquid bulks terminal, and general cargo/ dry bulks terminal. Inter-modal components were also considered in conjunction with the SPZ logistics zone and the industrial zone to ensure a holistic approach was applied to the full 240 square kilometre site which in turn linked to the country wide structure plan.

Expertise: Demand & Capacity Estimates | Ports & Harbour Management | Handling Technologies | Logistics Planning | Financial Modelling & Evaluation | Port Development Strategy | Conceptual Planning | Hinterland Connectivity | Phased Development Plan