H.R.Wallingford / GLNG






BP&L supplemented H.R Wallingford’s broad range of marine & technical capabilities in support of a LNG Plant construction at Cutis Island, Queensland, Australia.

In supporting H.R Wallingford and their client GLNG, BP&L were required to develop outline operations and maintenance plans for a high capacity Marine Offloading Facility. This was specifically constructed to provide maritime access to Curtis Island where the LNG plant was being constructed. 

The MOF was required to support both cross harbour movements from the mainland port of Gladstone for construction material, equipment and daily personnel transfer as well as direct international shipping calls with heavy indivisible loads with the latter being subject to stringent bio-security controls.

The plans were developed on a phased basis. The initial arrangements required to support the high intensity construction phase. The second phase focused on post construction use in support of general plant operations and maintenance programmes.

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