Dar Group / Ministry of Transport for Egypt






BP&L conducted a master planning exercise for a dry port facility linked to the main ports on the Suez Canal corridor as part of a wider structural plan.

The master plan incorporated high levels of intermodality to assist in overcoming city region traffic congestion and linking Egypt’s main centre of production and consumption more effectively to its main ports for competitive advantage.

BP&L overlaid the wider freight transport scenario for Egypt in to the master planning exercise. This allowed for project evaluation to be fully undertaken which allowed for formulation of a master plan for a large scale dry port supported by a logistics centre. The project addressed the effects of a growing economy and industrial base with the required organisational and technological solutions to maximise a dry port solution.

Expertise: Demand & Capacity Estimates | Handling Technologies | Logistics Planning | Site Evaluation | Conceptual Planning | Block Costs Estimates | Financial Evaluation